Indian Modular Kitchen Tour I Small Kitchen Design Ideas 2024 I Modern Kitchen #houmeindia

Indian Modular Kitchen Tour We have designed this small Modular Kitchen design    • Modular Kitchen tour video for 2024 I…  while keeping Indian needs in mind with a Modern Colour combination and theme, this is the best fit for Indian households and we have explained exactly how you can make the same Modern Modular Kitchen for your new home. If you liked this video don’t forget to subscribe to our channel @Houmeindia

Video Chapters:

0:15:  Kitchen Design thoughts
1:34:  Chimney, Stove and drawers
2:45:  Hydraulic cabinets
3:18:  Kitchen Sink & RO unit
4:43:  Appliances

Indian Modular Kitchen Tour I Small Kitchen Design Ideas 2024

  1. Design Philosophy:

    • The kitchen is designed with the philosophy of being airy and light, creating a strong connection with the garden.
    • The goal is to maintain a high level of aesthetics while ensuring functionality in the kitchen space.
  2. Connectivity and Open Design:

    • The kitchen is designed to have excellent connectivity, with a direct connection to the garden and a window directly connecting to the dining space.
    • The design aims for an open and connected feel, distinguishing it from other spaces in the home.
  3. Contrast and Minimalism:

    • The design features a contrast of dark and light colors, with minimalistic play on full-body tiles for the countertop.
    • The use of acrylic sheet and matching colors creates a visually appealing and cohesive look.
  4. Hydraulic Design and Practicality:

    • Hydraulic planning is a key aspect of the kitchen design, allowing for ease of movement and minimal disturbance while working.
    • The hydraulic design includes a functional counter with a microwave, ample cabinet space for storage, and a contrasting display area for crockery.

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=Modern Modular Kitchen Design for Indian household Explained the materials used Which Gas Stove and Chimney we have used Modular Kitchen Cabinets Explained

Video Chapters:

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