Mistakes to Avoid While Making Modular Kitchen

modular kitchens In this video, we’ll explore the key areas where homeowners often make mistakes when designing their modular kitchens. From inadequate storage solutions to inefficient workflow arrangements and overlooked lighting aspects, we’ll provide you with essential tips and solutions to ensure your kitchen is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.


0:00 – Mistake 1: Use Auto Close hinges
0:20 – Mistake 2: Under cabinet Lights
0:41 – Mistake 3: Use drawer organisers
1:02 – Conclusion

  • The video discusses three crucial mistakes to avoid when making a modular kitchen.
  • First, it emphasizes the importance of adding auto-closing hinges to cabinet doors, which not only reduces noise but also extends the life of the cabinets and shutters.
  • Second, the video recommends installing lights beneath the cabinets to enhance visibility and make modular kitchen work more convenient.
  • Third, it suggests using organizers inside drawers, making it easier to maintain and clean, and increasing the overall lifespan of the modular kitchen components.
  • The video concludes by encouraging viewers to follow the channel for more valuable modular kitchen remodeling tips.

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