Best Kitchen Platform in India 2023 - Granite, Quartz, Full body Tiles or G5,G7

Kitchen Platform /Countertop Today on Let C D Complete Guide We will see saree materials in the kitchen countertop. Which ones are according to the Indian kitchen? Starting from Granite we will see card after that we will see flower body tiles and color body tiles and last we will see g5 g7 Next N Top Materials First Materials Granite is always an option outside, Indian is there.

What is the best material for modular kitchen countertop in India in 2023 – granite, quartz, tiles or G5/G7?

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on choosing the perfect kitchen countertop material for your home. In this video, we’ll explore a wide range of options, from classic granite to trendy Flower Body tiles, and even the sleek g5 and g7 materials. We’ll provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision for your kitchen remodel or construction project.

Choosing the Right Kitchen platform / Countertop Material:


0:24 – Granite countertops
5:03 – Quartz countertops
7:42 – Full body Tile countertops
12:10 – G5, G7 Nano White countertops
13:28 – G5, G7 Nano White countertops

The video covers the advantages and disadvantages of each material, making it easier to decide which one is best for you. The video covers the advantages and disadvantages of each material, making it easier to decide which one is best for you.

Here is a brief summary of the pros and cons of each material:

Granite countertops

Durable and resistant to stains and scratches
Naturally occurring, so each slab is unique
Wide variety of colors and textures to choose from

Can be expensive
Can be difficult to find a matching backsplash
Requires sealing on a regular basis

Quartz countertops

Even more durable than granite
Stain- and scratch-resistant
Non-porous, so it is easy to clean
Many colors and finishes to choose from

Can be more expensive than granite
Not as natural-looking as granite
Can be difficult to find a matching backsplash

G5 Marble

Wide variety of colors and textures to choose from
Easy to find a matching backsplash

Not as durable as granite or quartz
Can be porous, so it is more difficult to clean
Can stain and scratch more easily

G7 Marble

More durable than G5 marble
Still affordable
Wide variety of colors and textures to choose from

Not as easy to find as G5 marble
Still more porous than granite or quartz
Can still stain and scratch more easily

Full body Tiles

Easy to find a matching backsplash
Can be customized to create a unique look

Not as durable as granite or quartz
Can be difficult to clean grout
Can break or chip more easily

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That in this also you generally get two types of songs. The dark and shaded granites are very Nonpolar granite has no stains. W e watch Stan’s Evil Scratches because he There are darker shades and others are granite Lighter shades should be used in your counter top. Don’t have to do many like the ones found in pink shops. White treatment and many such butts are found They are porous and there are dark spots in them. If scratches are visible then they are not to you but to him. Karne plus their strength is also relatively less What dark and shop do you get granite from? That’s why you should always use dark shade in kitch en counter post. Granite has to be done very according to the Indian kitchen. It’s a good material, you can press it, cut something. Do it also, make it three times less and sir, you are heavy. If you want to do cooking, the best in that is from Hit. There is no issue, no more, you have become a model in it. Either you see such hair or it penetrates inside. How does Gram Masala go? There was no problem with it. Very strong flower and I think since I was born Since then, I have been in the kitche n of any of my houses. If I show you, you must have seen granite, very very robot. You can use the material without any hesitation but what I have used Told not to choose white shade or lighter shade granite Apply because those which are generally found in you are porous. They are there, they learn but generally you are in the market. If someone remains silent then he can fool you. It’s granite, you like it, but you’re not an idiot. Dacoit’s granite has to be made, now only granite has to be ins talled in it. This means that granite comes in different slab sizes. Which labs should you buy for your kitchen counter? If you know which one not to buy, then it is the best The first best lug size is 11. Why feed by 3 feet because what about 11 feet What happens if you have a big counter? Have to make a shop kitchen, one big one of 10 feet and 11 feet The more the slab was cut, the more joints would be visible. If we become less than that then does that strength become dirty? The story will no t be visible to Kam Joint more than Kam Join. Neither the story has to be filled with pillars, if not well. If India is there then chances of water seepage leakage would have increased. So the bigger slab you can buy, the better. After that you have 3 feet, I said this because 24 People make counters of inch or 27 inches and then The gems that are divided in me, the corners that are divided sometimes If you have to put a bandage on the back, then all these things are those three things. If you a pply fit then its waist cutting is like this If it is made from caste then your wastage will be very less. If you fit 2 then you will take 24 inches. What will be your chances of getting that bandage in general? If the extra left doesn’t work then you will have to pay a small fee. If there is a Labs strip then join it from the front. If you start looking at it, it doesn’t look good or if If you take one of 4 feet or one of 5 feet then What happens to the wastage caused by taking 4 feet? It is ri nging, if none of yours is usable then it is ringing. A lot of the waste that is yours is a fake caste. He doesn’t have any money, so he uses the kitchen counter top. It is best to take granite of 11 feed by three feet. It happens and you have to use it in your kitchen in the maximum way. I can do that, it’s also a matter of size. There is no such brand which gives you specific The brand’s take is as if we would talk in white. Brands come in flowers. Brands come in body time. You don’t find the usual brands of butt granite in butt. What you need to keep in mind Reputation from Good Wonders Bought from Wonders because those who are purchasing They are purchasing good queries from good place and The goods you are keeping in stock are good. Keeping it genuine and I also keep a lot of knights The date is given between non polaris lyrics, this note is definitely there What does porous mean? If it absorbs more, it will become more dirty. Maintenance will be required so I don’t recommend it. Even if you buy from a bad story, you just have to sell it to the vendor. Now keep in mind the color options available in it. Which are the available colors and the cheapest color? What you get is tan brown colored granite. Generally you get 7075 for ₹80, after that You get gray colored granite which costs you Rs 100. Available again at ₹ 110, it comes in black granite. 150 rupees square fit ever comes after that like It has different ranges, there are chips, there are caste, they are ₹250 to ₹3 00 square feet are also available and many more. You must have seen the granite which is imported. Blue colored chemicals are also found in granite. India The one that looks very luxurious is available for Rs 600-650. Square Fit and many more important things up to 121300 square feet because if you get It has no ending but general if you are a decent If you are installing granite then you will get Rs 100 per square foot. Which is almost equivalent to other options Well but entry level if you wan t, starting from ₹70. It becomes granite which is a very good thing for you If you are making an economical kitchen then this It is economical, it is also Robert, it has long life and it is also easy. You are also well maintained so it becomes a very good option. You just have to keep a few things in mind Before buying granite they look at it and then We will move to the second material which is the second Counter is your material, card is too much Good material if you like white or light color Let’s go to the counter toss like we did in granite Saw that the light colored counters were very porous. That’s why he can’t get those counters in it. But how come yours is almost non pose material And you did not face any problem but you did not notice it. You have to keep it in your card even when you go to the market. There are two types of chords you get, one is Which, like the entire card, belongs to Kalinga Company. Such a mark of black and white is relief written on the back Rahat hai th is quotes is from Kalinga and the second one is You have this on which the entire white mark is relief and on this Date This Marble So you can see that this is marble. Can’t tell from outside which is which Which marble is it but when you go to do it So whatever marble is, you cannot use it for the countertop. Can because there will be more stages in it and The more scratcher you have on your counter top There is no system and robot which runs counter in Indian kitchen. The tops can be gelled ju st for flooring or I want to make a panel board on your story and tiles on the wall. That Marvel is fine for him but he has to put it on the countertop. You can’t use both Kalingas or something. Butts come from Caesar or any other company. You always have to keep in mind the card in the counter top. Only the material has to be applied and the card is yours almost. It’s more robot material than many people think. Whether I use chords or not, there will be no problem. It will be clear whether it w ill not happen or not. Now see, she will wear a white shirt. So there will be some stain, but if this If you apply it, almost everything gets cleaned easily. The caste is that scratches come very rarely because when someone If the material is good then the chances of scratches are very less. and it looks very good, the color in it is Options also come and many in light shades. You get colors in this you get two sizes You will get slabs of which one is 5 feet by 10 feet. which is very good for co unter tops The second one is 9 feed by six fit, you can also read this Can take for counter top you have to take care If you have a long counter top then get a 10 feet one. If it is a small counter top or a U-shop counter Make the topic 9/6, you will get more cards in it. He will be able to get it and your wastage will be relatively less. And its depth is 20 m. It has very good depth and is very strong. From the rest of the material because its depth is very high. It’s good so there is no show o f bending etc. There are no bracket issues and you should keep this in mind 20 You should do it in counter talk only and less than that. If you do that then you are compromising on strength. And you can buy it only with good branded materials. Do it because you will use cheap materials to do it So many people send marbles to you saying cards and eventually you will get a lot of trouble and stains From scratch to life of crackers and brakes And also due to color fading, hence you can buy a good b rand. Get the right off course and you will find some good brands in it. Come, it’s like Phil’s Caesar has become Kalinga. If you brand something then you will not face any issue. The third material is full body tiles, this too in today’s time. I have very good material first just came color body size The butt has now become full body tiles which you can counter You can do it in the top and in this you will get different finishes. Options are also available such as full glass finish. There is on lor body, so what is there in the flower body? That is, till the complete death which you see at the top. The same material is monolithic to the inside, so if Shipping or any scratches on the side The material you are molding is from You see the whole together butt in counter talk. When you take color tiles or color body So the relief printed above is the color side of this What is visible in me is the butt, not the material but the color of the body. We do not recommend it for counter tops. To any options that you will keep looking but that Will not end like this is the color that you normally get. Neither is found in granite nor much in chords either. It is difficult to get this flower and you can get it in Body Terrace. If you get it then you can explore more such colors. and in your counter talk you can Let us understand what size slabs of flower body come. The slab of flower body that comes with it remains 32 It is of inches and length you have two sizes 8 feet and At 10 feet, thi f 15 m, there is a lot of pressure rice. It is polished using different methods and is very good. It would look great if printed on it. Is this tile in your TV unit or dining table? In today’s time, there are many brands available who are doing and making good flower body tiles There are also walls for the kitchen and kitchen top. To put in, to put in the floor, first just It used to be used in flooring but now its uses are increasing. Moto is a very good company. IBS is very good. Simpolo is a wearing the body. If labor is also important to you then You have to tell the labor in advance that I want full body tile. If I am going to put it, then the one who has the material to count it is the one who The plates used for modeling are heavy. The plates seem to have to be worn for a longer time. It’s like you rub and polish Italian marble. If so, its corners have to be polished that much. much more than granite and if he didn’t do that If you go then his model will not look good. And if U hockey polishing butt. The flower body of the tiles is like Italian marble. It is polished and the front is also polished. If it is very good then labor requires more effort. Have to polish in the mall if not If you do, then the one which is blooming on the top will be blooming on the side. It will never come, so the second option that comes in this This opinion also comes in Finnish, if you are very fond of it If he is your count then don’t do this to him but like you. you are making ireland y Mostly it is being imported into India from China and This is a good material in these terms if you absolutely Want to make an all white kitchen but it has very heavy uses. Not for the kitchen if you feel like it Three to Now we can make everything else on the countertop. You will do copying, cutting and other things on it. So I don’t recommend it that much but if you Yes, you do not have to make a white kitchen and white counters. Have to make a top and yours is not much heavier than u Or you the material side is ₹400. Its purse is square fit starting from Butt region depends on different areas. The pricing is anywhere from 6700 to 800 and its There is also different pricing with different depths e.g. The material’s grate increases like g5g7g9 its The price also increases with it if I compare Can I tell you which kitchen countertop you should have in your kitchen? I will be the first to say if you want to apply Very heavy usage and you have a lot of options in color If you don’t wan the best among these. cards because they are relatively very expensive for you Provides strength in comparison to other materials It is very easily available in every city these days. You get chords, good brand is Kalinga. It has been played so you can purchase it Can i third preference lion de fool body Tiles in that also keep this in mind in the bus tell you I suggest you to go for full body tiles instead of color body. Whose Puri is visible to you even in the chips corner. No other color is v of that plus it’s hardware You maintain because this is completely white so I I recommend this to those who are completely white Need kitchen counter off and can’t see any other option I think this video has helped you make this decision What material should you choose for the countertop? and you will not make any mistake after this. If you are finalized to select the countertop To make top selection in your account then Please tell me in the commen
  1. Material Options:

    • The video discusses various materials for kitchen countertops in India in 2023, including Granite, Quartz, Full Body Tiles, G5, and G7.
    • Emphasis is placed on Granite as a popular choice for Indian kitchens due to its durability and resistance to stains and scratches.
  2. Granite Considerations:

    • Granite is recommended for its strength, suitability for heavy usage, and the availability of dark shades to avoid visible stains.
    • Suggestions include choosing dark shades to minimize porosity and potential water seepage.
  3. Granite Slab Sizes:

    • The preferred slab size for granite countertops is 11 feet by 3 feet to minimize joints and enhance strength.
    • Larger slabs are recommended to reduce visible joints and potential water-related issues.
  4. Quartz (Card) Material:

    • Quartz, specifically mentioned as “Card,” is highlighted for its non-porous nature and suitability for white or light-colored countertops.
    • Two types of quartz, one from Kalinga and the other from Caesar, are discussed, emphasizing the importance of choosing the right material.
  5. Full Body Tiles:

    • Full Body Tiles are presented as an alternative material for countertops, with a focus on durability and different finish options.
    • Recommendations include paying attention to the brand, slab sizes (32 inches by 8 or 10 feet), and the importance of informing labor about the heavy nature of full body tiles during installation.

Note: The transcript provides insights into the considerations for choosing kitchen countertop materials in India, with a specific focus on Granite and Quartz (Card), along with an introduction to Full Body Tiles. The video aims to guide viewers in making an informed decision based on their preferences and kitchen needs.





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