Modular Kitchen Making Process - PART 1

We have designed this Modular Kitchen while keeping Indian needs in mind with a Modern Colour combination and theme, this is the best fit for Indian households and we have explained exactly how you can make the same Modern Modular Kitchen for your new home. If you liked this video don’t forget to subscribe to our channel @Houmeindia

How To make Modular Kitchen I Houmeindia

This Part Highlights

How to Install Modular Kitchen Cabinets How to check the materials for the Modular Kitchen Skirting design and much more

  • Video title: “Modular Kitchen Making Process 😳– PART 1 I Playlist – How To make Modular Kitchen I Houmeindia”
  • The video is part of a series demonstrating the complete installation process of a modular kitchen.
  • The current stage focuses on the installation of the first cabinet, which is factory-made and being installed on-site.
  • Important considerations before installing the cabinet include creating skirting, choosing between skirting and PVC legs, and addressing water-related issues in the flooring.
  • Other details mentioned include the installation of chimney pipes, leaving space for electrical points, adjusting the height of the countertop, and verifying the type of sink and its placement.

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  • The video emphasizes the importance of careful planning, such as leaving a 2-foot space for chimney pipes, ensuring proper electrical point placement, and adjusting the height of the countertop to accommodate a sink.
  • The presenter highlights the need to check and potentially modify elements like electrical points, sink dimensions, and the countertop height to ensure a seamless installation process.
  • The discussion includes details about the cabinet design, specifying that it is 22 inches deep, matching the depth of the wall’s tiling for a clean and cohesive look.
  • The presenter also mentions the significance of paying attention to small details, like the height of the countertop, as it influences the overall aesthetic and functionality of the modular kitchen.
  • The video encourages viewers to be meticulous during the installation process, emphasizing the importance of checking and adjusting various components for a successful and visually pleasing modular kitchen setup.

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