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Mastering Furniture Material Selection with Sourabh Jain: A Comprehensive Guide by Houmeindia

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Never buy the wrong materials again!
Generally you will invest 75% of your home interiors money in Furniture Materials, and if you buy the wrong material then all those money is completely waste and you don’t want to do it right that’s why we came up with a live session where we are going to help you selecting the right Furniture materials in detail and if you have attended the session, you will never going to buy the wrong materials for your furniture and going to save tons of money while doing your home interiors.

Sourabh will bring a wealth of experience to this webinar. Discover the art of selecting the perfect furniture materials for every space in your home, guided by his expertise.

  • 1. Introduction to Sourabh Jain and Houmeindia
  • 2. Exploring Furniture Material Selection for Every Space:
    – Wardrobe
    – Bedroom
    – Kitchen
    – Living Room
    – Balcony
    – Entrance Foyer
  • 3. Understanding Material Properties: Balancing Aesthetics and Durability
  • 4. Budget-friendly Options and Customized Solutions
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I am Sourabh Jain

I am driven by only one mission in my life, making life better and extremely passionate about designing spaces for people, especially I have gained a lot experience by helping more than 500 people in getting their functional & aesthetic kitchen.

And, I am here today to make your life better by helping you to design better kitchens!

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Interior design course hindi houmeindia

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Interior design course hindi houmeindia

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