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Unlock the secrets of Vastu Shastra with this comprehensive guide by Houmeindia. Learn how to optimize your living space for harmony and prosperity using the principles of Vastu.

In this chapter, we explain to you what is to be placed where. We have given you 10 options in tabular form. So nothing to worry about if you are finding it difficult to keep your Master Bedroom in the S/W zone. It is good in the South also. You can evaluate your existing property also according to the table and find what score you get.

Download and Check the Vastu Raiting for your Home!

Score sheet for House and Flat:-

Vastu sheet page 1

Vastu score sheet for house and flat 1

Vastu sheet page 2

1. Position of the Main Gate

Vastu sheet page 3

2. Position of the Kitchen

Vastu sheet page 4

3. Position of Master Bedroom

Vastu sheet page 5

4. Position of the Childrens Room

Vastu sheet page 6

5. Position of the Guest-room

Vastu sheet page 7

6. Position of Drawing or Dining Room

Vastu sheet page 8

7. Position of Tube-well, Unerground Tank

Vastu sheet page 6

8. Position of Toilets or Bathrooms

Vastu sheet page 10

9. Position of Garage and Servants quarter

Vastu sheet page 11

10. Position of House vis-a-vis the Plot

Vastu sheet page 12

11. If people were living here earlier, were they happy or unhappy ?

Vastu sheet page 13

12. How was business for the earlier owner of the office or commercial place ?

Vastu sheet page 14

13. What is in the South-West ? For a Commercial Place

Vastu sheet page 15

14. The Staircase for both Residential or Commercial buildings

Vastu sheet page 16

15. What is there in the surroundings ?

Vastu sheet page 17


Vastu sheet page 16

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science that encompasses the principles of architecture, design, and spatial arrangement. It aims to create harmonious 

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science that encompasses the principles of architecture, design, and spatial arrangement. It aims to create harmonious 

How to Transform Your Home with Vastu: A Comprehensive Guide by Houmeindia

Welcome to the ultimate guide to Vastu, brought to you by Houmeindia, where we delve into the ancient Indian science of architecture and design. As cofounders of Houmeindia, we’re passionate about creating living spaces that foster positivity, balance, and prosperity. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the fundamental principles of Vastu Shastra, providing practical tips and insights to help you apply them to your home. Whether you’re building a new house or looking to enhance the energy flow in your current space, this guide has everything you need to know.

Understanding the Five Zones of Vastu:

  1. South East – Fire Zone: In Vastu, the South East direction represents the Fire element. This zone is ideal for placing the kitchen or any other fire-related activities. It’s essential to ensure that the kitchen is located in this area to harness the positive energy associated with fire.

  2. North East – Water Zone: The North East direction signifies the Water element in Vastu. It is considered auspicious for water-related features such as wells, bore-wells, or water storage tanks. Placing these elements in the North East zone can enhance the flow of positive energy and prosperity.

  3. Northwest – Wind Zone: In Vastu, the Northwest direction represents the Wind element. This zone is suitable for positioning windows, balconies, or any openings that allow fresh air and sunlight to enter the house. Optimizing airflow in this zone promotes good health and vitality.

  4. Southwest – Earth Zone: The South West direction symbolizes the Earth element in Vastu. This zone is associated with stability, strength, and abundance. It is ideal for locating heavy structures like the master bedroom, ensuring a strong foundation for the household.

  5. Center – Space Zone: The central area of the house is known as the Space zone in Vastu. It represents the cosmic energy that permeates every aspect of our lives. While this zone may not be suitable for specific activities, it’s essential to maintain cleanliness and decluttering to allow energy to flow freely.

Optimizing Your Home with Vastu Principles:

Now that we’ve explored the five zones of Vastu, let’s discuss how you can optimize your home using these principles.

Master Bedroom Placement:

  • Southwest Placement: Placing the master bedroom in the South West zone ensures stability, security, and prosperity for the occupants.
  • Northeast Placement: Alternatively, you can consider positioning the master bedroom in the Northeast zone for purity and spiritual well-being.

Kitchen Design:

  • South East Placement: Designate the kitchen in the South East zone to harness the positive energy of fire for nourishment and vitality.
  • Northwest Placement: If space constraints exist, the kitchen can also be located in the Northwest zone to maintain harmony and balance.

Living Room Arrangement:

  • Open Spaces: Create open and spacious living areas to facilitate the free flow of energy throughout the house.
  • Entrance Placement: Position the entrance in the Northwest zone to welcome positive energy and opportunities into your home.

Vastu Checking Guide:

To assist you in implementing Vastu principles in your home, we’ve curated a simple Vastu checking guide. By following these steps, you can perform a basic Vastu assessment in just 60 seconds.

Explore Our Video Playlist:

For visual insights and practical tips on Vastu, be sure to check out our curated video playlist on our website. Our comprehensive videos cover various aspects of Vastu, providing valuable guidance for creating harmonious living spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • What is Vastu Shastra, and how does it benefit homeowners?

  • Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of architecture and design that aims to create harmonious living environments. It benefits homeowners by promoting health, happiness, and prosperity through the optimization of spatial arrangements.

  • How can I determine the ideal placement of rooms in my home according to Vastu?

  • The ideal placement of rooms in your home can be determined by considering the five zones of Vastu and their corresponding elements. By aligning each room with the appropriate zone, you can optimize energy flow and create a balanced living space.

  • Is it necessary to follow Vastu principles strictly, or are there exceptions?

  • While following Vastu principles can enhance the overall energy of your home, there may be practical constraints or personal preferences that require flexibility. It’s essential to strike a balance between Vastu guidelines and individual needs to create a harmonious living environment.

  • Can Vastu Shastra be applied to existing homes, or is it only relevant for new constructions?

  • Vastu Shastra can be applied to both existing homes and new constructions. While implementing Vastu principles in existing homes may require some adjustments, it’s possible to enhance the energy flow and balance of any living space through mindful arrangement and design changes.

  • Are there specific rituals or ceremonies associated with Vastu Shastra?

  • Yes, there are various rituals and ceremonies associated with Vastu Shastra, such as Vastu Puja, Griha Pravesh, and Vastu Shanti. These rituals are performed to invoke blessings and positive energies in the home, ensuring harmony and prosperity for its occupants.

  • How can I incorporate Vastu principles into interior design and decor?

  • You can incorporate Vastu principles into interior design and decor by choosing colors, materials, and furnishings that align with Vastu guidelines. Additionally, arranging furniture and decor items according to Vastu principles can optimize energy flow and create a harmonious ambiance in your home.


In conclusion, Vastu Shastra offers a holistic approach to creating harmonious living environments that promote health, happiness, and prosperity. By understanding the fundamental principles of Vastu and applying them thoughtfully to your home, you can transform your living space into a sanctuary of positivity and well-being. Embrace the wisdom of Vastu and embark on a journey to create a balanced and prosperous home for you and your loved ones.