Monday Live with Sourabh Ep 1 : Home interiors questions #rapidfire

Monday Live with Sourabh:

  • The kitchen includes a breakfast counter that serves as a connecting point within the kitchen and also functions as a prep or serving space.
  • The video showcases how the kitchen’s design allows for easy maintenance and proper organization, featuring well-placed cutlery drawers and dedicated cooking areas.
  • It highlights a unique feature of the kitchen, the hydraulic system that stores heavy items, making them easily accessible.
  • The kitchen has a practical and space-saving design, with heavy storage units located underneath, making it convenient to access items without any hassle.
  • The video concludes with an overview of the overall kitchen design, highlighting its efficient layout and how it optimizes space and functionality for cooking and food preparation.

Join us for a live session with Sourabh, the founder of Houme India, as he answers your questions about home interiors. We will be covering a wide range of topics, including: 

Choosing the right furniture for your space Designing a functional and stylish kitchen Creating a relaxing and inviting living room Choosing the right paint colors for your walls And much more! This is your chance to get expert advice from one of the leading interior designers in India. So come prepared with your questions and let’s get started!

Ep 1 Houme india Monday Live with Sourabh : Home interiors questions #rapidfire” 


Hello everyone and welcome back tu Monday Live with Sourabh today The live session is very special because today We are liking in both platforms That’s why we like on Instagram and YouTube Are doing because saree which your question tag Which is complete once you have so many questions It’s difficult, they go butt every time they go to YouTube. If yes then she can enjoy everything and I am the future. I can create content regarding it for you all I will cover the entire life area later and go to my YouTube c hannel. So you can also see all the questions which are asked today We will take it on YouTube if you have any questions. If you want to ask, go to this profile there. Do it on YouTube and come live on YouTube Ask all questions, never miss complete details. Like from there I will get answers to all the questions. When I started doing it on YouTube, some people Already have questions ready for me to answer. Like is the first question this time Rishi Terrorist Flooring So at Aggarwal Best Material Best Material: Any material you like is waterproof. A very important element to do is waterproof. You can do it in two-three ways, the first way is That is, you put the Puri mesh and add water proofing to it. Will install the materials and give them some proper Will sell the corner, after that if you want tile Want to install or do mosaic flooring or anything else? If you want to do scale flooring then you can do that if you want. If you install tire without waterproof reason then definitely Ch eck if you have any condition or leakage. So it is not coming from the ceiling, if it is coming then it is tile cell. If planted there will be flood, hence in the mind of many people I am relieved that I will install time flooring and the whole thing will be solved. If it is not so, then let’s see the next question. Is Is Hindwara Chimni Good Anju So Anju Basically It’s Not Just About D Brand of Hindware It is good that it is written that it is good that it is good that the fiber is good. It is about which specification of chimney? Taking the highest specification chimney What does important mean that you have field power? How much are you charging if you have Indian cooking then minimum? You have to take only smooth power of 1200 area power. If there is or the cooktop is three times the boy or the kar bar If it is of Rs. then you have to take three banars accordingly. If it is smaller than two feet then a chimney of 2 feet should be taken. If it is bigger than 2 feet then you have to u look at it to buy sugar, you will There will be no problem and now there is a very good chimney. Next It’s Very Easy Par Me Tu Answer Questions From YouTube i.e. Top Chat would be shown all over here. There is a separate Best Cooktop with Bars Burners Question by It’s good, Verma should be my top pick now. What I like the most is the Sleep Top and Wear series. There are two models in it, one is Rose Yaar and the other is Coral. Coral model is a very good topic date it Like very slip top and ha need Piyush Shuter or HDFC If you want to go to mother then what kind of boiler board by action is this? Very good product has arrived, date is completely water Proof Turbine Proof It is written like this man please So date you can put him on your bathroom cabinets again A lot of people are following your watching live in Instagram and If you want to ask other questions you can This link and there is a link there so join YouTube. You can ask questions in your live channel. Because he will alway is too heavy then if it is too heavy Granite Shipping Flowers on Definitely Uses Body tiles means it is a very hard material. It is a harder material than granite, so it There are chances of breakage while applying so if If you are selecting full body type then definitely Good labor should go along with good contacts and the one who Licking her material with her has done it before now If you apply with normal labor then you will face problems. There are many questions and answers on YouTube als utan Furniture on Particle Board Should Be Ahead With It’s So This Question Is By Jagriti Jagriti Being Very honest, I have complete trust in particle board. I don’t know how to make Bhutan particle board, I saw it. They are calling it termite form and high density. Telling him personally in the butt particle board My trust has not been formed yet, I have set up a factory. I also tried to test her butt Didn’t understand personal home material too much That’s why I haven’t used it in any furnitur an apartment. If you are in a building and on a very high floor, then there What do you have to do, call it or use glass wool? By doing this, a material comes which you can use for your ceiling and floor. Filed in the middle of the ceiling channel Get a lot of insulation and three to five You can get variation up to degree. Chhath is upon you. I was the first in the room without drop flowers and class Flowers and after that your room is three to five degrees. You understand how much your electr intain I don’t recommend it if you don’t maintain. You can bike directly in But Outdoors For water, date is a good option Ho tu remove cockroach in kitchen is a big question It is very difficult and most important for you Pest control is very good in today’s time. Had you done high level pest control? There is so much control that you have to stay home for two days. Take it out and paste it completely You will drive out the cockroaches from his entire kitchen. Just search pest control near me an proof So in today’s time of steel I wardrobe Made a video of ‘Date is really good’ You search Godrej today’s time Find very modern steel modular wardrobes in You can also install that in your home hello i’m using century s t ha m Are One Side Laminate But Getting One Problem This Is Fighting Not Looking Good If You Wardrobe Any big mark in the shutter or using it If you do it in the shooter panel then it has general Pending problem is a power then if you one If you are taking sides then you are tiles also. The one whose top finish remains is the same till 4. If the finish remains the same then you can do any roaming I will make a double, then tell me something, it will look very good. But if yours is such that it has digital print on the top and inside If there is color then the story or story is more prominent. No, she doesn’t look good, so how can many people like her? What do you do with the top? This is also applied on the front. If we take get D similar look and cut it at 45 degr about the brand, it’s about them You are going with the brand in the material. From very light materials to very expensive materials Do you if you work with similar brands? If you are, then it is very important to have knowledge of nose material. If it is not necessary then mostly what will happen is that you You will be asked whether you should use HDF or particle. Create your kitchen on the board and then later It is completely cell packed, you will never get water inside butt. This is actuall maximize storage? You can definitely have a grill I will create more such series and channels in the future. I will tell you later if I follow your space youtube so late cd next question date Coming up, you will have to ask such questions today What is the advantage of using tiles facial in these types? that you can do a boxing routine in there if you If you are applying type space then you are having a space like bathroom. Or are you planting it in a terrace or a balcony? What happens to epoxy e your questions then I don’t know the answer. If I am doing it then it will be for 55 minutes or 10 10 minutes. Put the list in the key gap so that I can answer. Other people question is brother in law there is no provision Off Batve and Jacquing D Bathroom Styles I am not even reading you the question. Because you are pasting it so much If you want there is no provision then you definitely place Can’t because this whole thing is taking long If there is a pipeline then you can’t do it at all If e good. So which other brand did we use? This good but this loss I just got sir approx kas making a room with walking Closets and Bathrooms Including Tiles It’s very big, you asked about its size also. Didn’t tell anything, didn’t tell anything but one If you were doing generic interiors for one room then You have a minimum budget of Rs 3 lakhs if you Tiles cost you Rs 4 lakh to 4.5 lakh. Mini Mum then you will be able to cum Best door material for washroom is so important Question means in ever the Kitchen Definitely It Can Be Placed Inside Kitchen Best Location Is Near D Should you wash the sun area with dish soap? Basically what you need to put in the dish wash Even once the vessel has to be stirred with water, When Lights on Sync Recommended Manufacturer If you’re looking at the lights, there are a lot In today’s time, brands are produced whenever and wherever. You are the one who is drinking the Jaguar Lighting. But lots of you will see if I speak You can go to Policy, you can go t Think so you can connect to your builder of the day tomorrow I am sitting in the service desk and will definitely help you. Will Plus When You Hire an Interior Designer Carpenters also recommend different things to you. Your design consultants comment on me plus You have such a good option online these days. Everyone is online and you are sitting as an example. If you search online, many people will find projects Managers are making contacts, you can connect with them You will search your proje y premium brands if they fall below that So Europe really propagates this clay thing The brand is below this if you want to see Alimo Done, you have been ranked in this, this brand is yours. You can get a relic seat at a relatively cheaper price Kitchen with black granite counter at Best Colors Top by shashank shashank dis ko tu d profile a Specific video with black on kitchen colors Granite counter you will see you will get the answer Give Other Tomorrow Feeling Alternative Gypsum But recent PV you apply then there is no tension Kitchen Laminate Company Recommendation Please Also very good and concept Or these three are too regular for him These five can see more centuries I am liking on YouTube just because We can post this forever If it remains from then your questions will remain You will also see there that you have asked this question Had I asked this answer, if ever You can go and check it out in this we Will try to add chapters You can click on the questions and get their answer ncentrates for color Six is taking consultation for anything If there are six then date is possible you can connect Our sessions with you personally so you can also meet me You can also personally connect with my team can connect give is your retirement Book an appointment with him in your profile. Go there and set up an appointment. Book link free tomorrow with our team where It will be explained to you how you can do so. They Are Working Online and Delivering So Many Projects Internationally call our kitchen counter top nozin. If you are making nosing like this then it is in English. You can install a light under the kitchen there, that’s all. You have to keep in mind that you should have a light profile. Bring the point in advance and leave your kitchen. So dat electrician connect under the counter After installation of D cabinet it is too much Provides the look of the kitchen as you want See and if you applied it wrongly then you will have to do it later. trouble will come and wa o much then the tune is battery then that Don’t look too dirty or look dirty and because of this people Prefer dark shades more. Comparison If you also install off light shade then send it or We apply cream like this in which if there is a lot of flood Even if he goes, he is too much Gandhi if White likes him If you do element then that whole groom would turn to dust. I’m home and it becomes very difficult for me to take Asia Paints Kitchen and Carpenters on Getting A 3000 Making three luck with is on youtube in ask me anything on YouTube is the answer to all the questions. Today I am asking you some questions. If yes, then go to YouTube Live and ask there. You have to sit close and enjoy and hear all the answers. Hai instagram and listen tu jo dee Answer it D Time Answering Right No I have 3bhk 1100 on budget 15-20 lakhs Square Foot Area I Want Simple Hole on Furniture and Want Tu Do Furniture FLAT EXCEPT ONE ROOM ITS IT IN N Budget Definitely It’s Enough You Don’t Need TOO WARRIED IF ry good brand hai roko very good friends very good Brand depends on your budget and text You can experiment with what you are asking for. Modular Kitchen at Dewar Are No Good Brands Available In my city I should come but you are a carpenter and you are Plane I Bill See I Don’t Know Which City But They Are Delivering Pan India So You Can Contact Say I Think You Know They’re Good Branch Right Sir dear I at dinner on you are invited Would love you should start writing me And Your Home I’m Adding Va You Can Co Bar Grate Plywood and Laminate Shooter On It will be relatively cheaper for you than plywood. You will get it in square fit at 70-80 hence Neeraj is saying really appreciate your efforts Ho Kamali you try to answer every question Neeraj Basically I am like this only in me I tried online, basically what with me? It happens that I don’t try to make anything. I am whatever I see, I am with everyone in life. You are the same with you guys, basically I and Please send our entire company t o make whatever furniture? Materials are going in and materials for finishing Hardware Material Sari Cheese India Going To Teach You in this master class so give you your lakhs I will help all of you to do the right thing in investing. Interior Design Projects Can’t Butt You I can help everyone make the biggest investment. If you want to learn the right way to take And if you know how to invest in the right material, then Visit the link here to register at Disco Amazing M