Monday Live With Sourabh Ep 5

Interior Design Q&A - Live session - EP5 by houmeindia I Every Monday at 9 PM

Monday Live – Interior Design Q&A – Live session – Episode by houmeindia I Every Monday at 9 PM 

in this live session, we answer to all the people who are making their home interiors and have doubts if they are doing it right or wrong & ask questions to Sourabh to get their answers.

Summarize the following in 5 bullet points

1. Live Interior Design Q&A session EP5 by houmeindia every Monday at 9 PM.
2. Special episode on World Architecture Day.
3. Host invites questions on home construction, flat design, and any architectural-related queries.
4. Discussion includes challenges in kitchen construction, particularly regarding acrylic finish and laminate.
5. Recommendation to use blockboard for doors instead of plywood due to bending issues, with a suggestion for water-resistant blockboard like Century Club Prime series.

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