Smart Flat Buying in India: by houmeindia

more vastu tips from houme

more vastu tips from houme

Buying a flat in India comes with unique challenges, especially the heat! This guide will help you find a comfortable, well-designed flat that aligns with your needs and preferences.

Key Considerations for Staying Cool
* Window Placement Matters:
* South and west-facing windows get the hottest afternoon sun.
* Opt for flats with north and east-facing windows for cooler interiors.
* Invest in heavy blackout curtains for any large south/west windows.
* The Benefits of Corner Flats:
* Corner flats offer better ventilation and cross-breezes.
* They provide more privacy with fewer directly-facing neighbors.
* You often get better views on a corner!
Vastu Shastra for Home Harmony
* Follow these basic Vastu principles:
* No toilets in the northeast zone.
* No kitchens in the southwest or extreme south zones.
* Avoid entrances from the west or extreme southeast.
Smart Interior Planning
* Focus on Open, Flowing Spaces:
* Look for flats without columns or beams disrupting the room layout.
* Avoid flats with pre-planned furniture placements that don’t suit you.
Download our FREE PDF Guide: “Essential Flat-Buying Checklist for India”
This downloadable PDF expands on these points and includes even more tips, including:
* Ideal room sizes for Indian families
* Water storage considerations
* Parking and security needs
* Community amenities that matter
Visit the Houme India blog to download your guide today!
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