Vastu for Kitchen: Vastu Tips for Modern Homes - Houme India

Creating a kitchen that’s both functional and harmonious is key to a well-balanced home. In this blog post, inspired by our YouTube video [insert link], we explore the core principles of Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian system of architecture, to guide you in designing a kitchen that fosters positivity and wellbeing.

Understanding Vastu for Modern Kitchens

While Vastu principles were developed for traditional homes, their core concepts can be adapted to modern kitchen layouts. The goal is to create a positive energy flow that supports health, prosperity, and happiness.

Key Vastu Tips for Your Kitchen

  • Placement: Ideally, locate your kitchen in the southeast corner of your home. This zone, governed by the fire element, is considered auspicious for cooking activities. The image you sent appears to show a kitchen in the southeast corner, following Vastu principles.
  • Stove Placement: Position the stove away from the walls and facing east. Avoid placing it directly below a window or beams.
  • Sink Placement: The sink, representing the water element, should ideally be positioned in the northeast corner of your kitchen. It should not be next to the stove, symbolizing a conflict between fire and water.
  • Storage and Countertops: Use natural materials like granite or wood for countertops. South and west walls are ideal for storage units.
  • Light and Ventilation: Ensure proper lighting and ventilation in your kitchen to promote positive energy flow.

Additional Considerations for Modern Kitchens

  • Open Floor Plans: If your kitchen is part of an open floor plan, create a visual separation between the cooking area and the dining space.
  • Modern Appliances: Vastu principles encourage the use of southeast corners for placement of appliances that generate heat.
  • Consult a Vastu Expert: For complex layouts or a more in-depth analysis, consider consulting a Vastu expert.

Benefits of a Vastu-Compliant Kitchen

  • Improved Energy Flow: Promotes a sense of balance and harmony within the home.
  • Enhanced Well-being: Can contribute to better health and positive energy for those who use the kitchen.
  • Increased Functionality: Proper placement of elements can optimize workflow and efficiency in your kitchen.


By incorporating these Vastu tips, you can design a modern kitchen that not only looks great but also fosters a positive and balanced environment in your home. Remember, Vastu is a holistic practice, and these are just some of the fundamentals.