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  • Title: “Ep 7 Houme India Live with Sourabh: Home Interior Versus Questions #rapidfire”
  • Sourabh discusses various interior design choices in a live session.
  • The episode covers topics such as laminate vs. acrylic, full-body tiles vs. countertops, and more.
  • Viewers are encouraged to ask questions about their home interiors, ranging from color choices to materials.
  • Sourabh recommends specific brands like Kalinga Stone for countertops and provides insights on ceiling lights and window choices.
  • Sourabh invites viewers to participate in a rapid-fire session, encouraging quick questions and answers.
  • Topics include challenges faced in installing lights without a false ceiling and the use of slim or system aluminum windows.
  • Sourabh mentions the preference for UPVC windows in some cases and highlights the challenge of choosing window coverings due to intense sunlight in India.
  • The episode emphasizes the importance of detailed videos for specific queries, showcasing the differences between modular and carpenter-made kitchens.
  • Sourabh concludes by encouraging viewers to ask any questions, ensuring they get valuable insights for their home interior decisions.

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