Stunning 3 BHK Home Tour

Welcome to Houme India’s channel! In today’s video, we’ll take you on a tour of a beautifully designed 3 BHK house in Dongargarh, Chhattisgarh. This video will showcase every space, from the elevation and living room to the dining space, kitchen, and bedrooms. Stay tuned until the end for valuable tips and tricks on home design.

Entering the Home

As we step inside, the first space we encounter is the living-cum-dining area, which also includes a prayer space. The living area features a corner with a sofa, an accent chair, and a leatherette finish, chosen to accommodate the family’s pet dog. This material is not only stylish but also practical. The design allows for seamless integration, where extra guests can use the dining chairs in the living area if needed.

Design Consistency

The house’s cohesive feel is achieved by repeating patterns and colors throughout. For instance, the sofa’s color matches the dining chairs, and the dining table top’s color echoes the TV cabinet. This repetition creates a harmonious theme, while minimal wall colors and a contrasting ceiling color add a striking element to the overall design.

Garden Space Connection

One of the best features is the direct connection from the living room to the garden space. This transition enhances the home’s natural appeal, providing a serene outdoor area that’s perfect for relaxation and family gatherings. The garden features a blend of alternating grass and Kota stone flooring, giving it a natural and elegant feel.

Multifunctional Spaces

The home’s design also incorporates a multifunctional approach. The northeast corner hosts a prayer area, allowing space for daily rituals and gatherings. The garden area, connected to the living space, includes a Tulsi Chaurah, enhancing the home’s spiritual vibe. The garden, receiving morning sunlight from the east, is an ideal play and sitting area, easily accessible from the kitchen as well.

The Grandparents’ Bedroom

The first bedroom, designed for the grandparents, is a light and calm space with earthy tones. It features a queen-sized bed and a cozy seating corner near the window, perfect for reading. The floor pattern, made from economical tiles arranged in a luxurious design, adds a touch of elegance.

Practical and Efficient Design

The bedroom also includes a sliding wardrobe, which saves space and maintains clear circulation. A study table provides a dedicated space for writing or working, enhancing the room’s functionality. The furniture, factory-made and modular, was installed in just a few days, saving time and ensuring a high-quality finish.


This 3 BHK home tour in Dongargarh showcases a blend of practicality, elegance, and thoughtful design. The use of consistent colors, multifunctional spaces, and efficient furniture solutions make this home a perfect example of modern living. Stay tuned for the next video in this series, where we’ll explore the modular kitchen and master bedroom design. Don’t forget to subscribe to Houme India’s channel for more such inspiring home tours and design tips.


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